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Magda Rakita

God made woman then he jerked “God made woman then he jerked”, reads a mural on the streets of Monrovia, Liberia, a country mostly remembered for its fourteen-year civil war and, more recently, Ebola epidemic. As Liberia celebrated its 10th anniversary of peace in summer 2013, and with a [...]

Magda Rakita2017-10-05T15:05:57+01:00

Diana Matar

Evidence Evidence is the cumulation of six years work on political disappearance by the photographer Diana Matar. Years ago the artist's father-in-law, a Libyan opposition leader, was kidnapped by the Egyptian secret service and handed over to the Gaddafi regime; he has been missing ever since. The first third [...]

Diana Matar2017-10-05T15:09:23+01:00

Anna Fox

Titel For two years British photographer Anna Fox documented holiday culture at the iconic Butlin's resort in the seaside town of Bognor Regis, West Sussex. This new book Resort 2 is the second part of the Resort project. Resort 1, published in October 2013, looked at "Family Breaks" at [...]

Anna Fox2017-10-05T15:13:13+01:00

Linda Dorigo

Rifugio Rifugio is a photographic project among the Christian communities of Middle East. I have travelled for 3 years to nine countries documenting the life of Christians and their native lands in Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, West Bank, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. Christians are millenarian populations, born and [...]

Linda Dorigo2017-10-05T15:20:21+01:00

Shoair Mavlain

December's feature was curated by Shoair Mavlain, assistant curator of photography at Tate, in conjunction with the exhibition Conflict, Time, Photography at Tate Modern. Conflict Conflict, Time, Photography takes as its starting point the great challenge of looking back. Abandoning the often heroic instantaneity of photojournalism and [...]

Shoair Mavlain2017-10-05T15:35:26+01:00

Lisa Barnard

Hyenas of the Battlefield, Machines in the Garden Hyenas of the Battlefield, Machines in the Garden, is a study into the ‘unholy alliance’ between the military, the entertainment industry and technology, and their coalescence around modern-day warfare. As Fredric Jameson famously observed in 1991 “the underside of culture is [...]

Lisa Barnard2017-10-05T15:38:35+01:00

Kate Nolan

Neither “The view of this faded garden explodes my mind and I get paralyzed, I have no clue how to move two legs, let alone a thousand.” - Natasha Neither is an exploration of the dreams and fears of young women in Kaliningrad - a small, isolated Russian region [...]

Kate Nolan2017-10-05T15:54:14+01:00

Cemre Yesil

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Karolina Jonderko

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