Siân Davey

Martha “Why don’t you photograph me anymore?” This is what Martha said in response to me focusing my camera so often on her sister Alice. It took me by surprise. I wasn’t aware that she would care, but clearly she did. This work began when Martha was 16 [...]

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MFON: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora

MFON: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora MFON: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora is an exclusive and commemorative publication committed to establishing and representing a collective voice of women photographers of African descent. The inaugural issue of MFON features 100 women photographers across the Diaspora. This iconic [...]

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Nina Berman

An autobiography of Miss Wish Introduction by Tanya Habjouqa "An autobiography of Miss Wish is my favorite new photo book of the year. Nina Berman transcends what is documentary, humane, personal, and collaborative into a new terrain of documentary photography. At once emotive and investigative, Nina has elevated [...]

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Maria Sturm

You Don't Look Native To Me "You don‘t look Native to me" shows excerpts from the lives of young Native Americans from around Pembroke, Robeson County, North Carolina, where 89% of the city’s population identifies as Native American. The town is the tribal seat of the Lumbee Indian [...]

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Zanele Muholi selected by Renée Mussai

SOMNYAMA NGONYAMA, HAIL THE DARK LIONESS Curated and written by Renée Mussai Zanele Muholi’s Somnyama Ngonyama presents a compelling and visionary mosaic of identities, an exquisite empire of selves. Inviting us into a multi-layered conversation, each photograph in the series, each visual inscription, each confrontational narrative depicts a self in [...]

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Sarah Tulloch

ObjectImage ObjectImage is a poignant approach to the physical material of a photograph and a re-imagination of it into new forms. ObjectImage roots itself in album collections of the artist and others that are linked to the social tradition and history of documenting family. Through collage, Tulloch maintains a [...]

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Dornith Doherty

Archiving Eden Spurred by the impending completion of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Archiving Eden explores the role of seed banks and their preservation efforts in the face of climate change, the extinction of natural species, and decreased agricultural diversity. Serving as a global botanical backup system, these privately [...]

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