Megan Doherty

Stoned in Melanchol “Days in Derry are long” says Irish photographer Megan Doherty. “There’s not a whole lot to do except hang out, wasting time”. Making pictures is her form of escape. “I hated how I had tread every street a million times,” explains Doherty of the reason [...]

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Firecracker Grant Winner 2018 – Peyton Fulford

Infinite Tenderness I grew up in a religious household in a small southern town. My mother was raised in the Sanctified Holy Church and my father was raised Southern Baptist. As a result of the strict beliefs I had been taught since birth, I did not feel comfortable coming [...]

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Marcela Ferri

Hybrid-normalization Hybrid-normalization is a project which explores and challenges the boundaries imposed by normative society; go to school, university, find a job, get married (to someone from the opposite sex), buy a house, raise children, retire and die. I realised from an early age that although I had nothing against [...]

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Marcia Michael

I Am Now You - Mother In the photographic series entitled I Am Now You – Mother (2017), Marcia Michael visualises the act of matrilineage through the body of her late mother, Myrtle McKnight. Introduced by, Renée Mussai, Curator An exercise in what I call ‘ancestral visual feminitude’, this [...]

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Karen Miranda Rivadeneira

Other Stories Other Stories is Ecuadorian-American photographer Karen Miranda Rivadeneira’s first monograph. It focuses on her relationships with the women in her extended family, especially her mother and grandmother. The resulting images exude tenderness and dignity, and incorporate symbols and visual elements subtly that hint at Rivadeneira’s Ecuadorian [...]

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Linda Brownlee

I Zii Knowing her friend’s appetite for rough-hewn landscape and the minutia of family networks, Aisling Farinella invited photographer Linda Brownlee to visit her relatives in the Sicilian village of Gangi. This was to be the first of numerous trips and 3 years later the resulting photo book is [...]

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